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Mining: Glencore suspends projects over tax row with Zambian government
A government decision to withhold $200 million in tax refunds has compelled Glencore-owned Mopani Copper Mines to suspend some of its planned $800 million Zambian copper mining projects. Read more ...
[Africa Report] 01/10/2014

Zambia: Chinese Timber Companies in Zambia - Few Jobs, but More Outlets for Local Loggers
[Thomson Reuters Foundation]Any views expressed in this article are those of the author and not of Thomson Reuters Foundation.
[AllAfrica] 29/09/2014

Zambia: Airtel set to upgrade 242 sites
Airtel Networks Zambia is upgrading its sites to improve the internet experience for customers across the country. According to Airtel, to date, 58 sites have been upgraded since July 2014 and the balance of the 242 remaining sites are expected to be completed by end of 2014. The 58 new sites (...)
[IT News Africa] 29/09/2014

Zambia: 'Sata Working Normally'
[Times of Zambia]PRESIDENT Michael Sata is discharging his duties normally and giving valuable guidance to his delegation, Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba has said.
[AllAfrica] 29/09/2014

Zambia: Sata's Shocking Trip to New York
[Zambia Reports]Sata's shocking sudden-flight to New York to attend the UN summit after a botched speech delivering escapade during the official opening of the fourth session of the eleventh national assembly and coming a day immediately after the event was rather too ambitious and too dramatic (...)
[AllAfrica] 28/09/2014

Zambia: President Sata Departs New York
[Zambia Reports]Just two days after suffering a health incident that required emergency medical treatment in his hotel room, and three days after he failed to appear for his speaking slot before the United Nations General Assembly, President Michael Sata today boarded a flight departing New (...)
[AllAfrica] 28/09/2014

Zambia: 'Sata Is Well'
[Times of Zambia]PRESIDENT Michael Sata is well contrary to online and international media reports insinuating that he has been hospitalised, his son Mulenga has disclosed.
[AllAfrica] 27/09/2014

Zambia: 1,500 South Males Circumcised
[Times of Zambia]MORE than 1,500 males aged between 15 and 49 years last month underwent the Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) exercise in Choma.
[AllAfrica] 27/09/2014

Zambia: VP Denies President Sata Treated in New York
[VOA]Zambia's vice president is disputing reports that President Michael Sata has fallen ill and received medical treatment in New York.
[AllAfrica] 27/09/2014 | Zambia denies reports Sata treated in US | Zambia denies reports Sata treated in US
Zambian President Michael Sata’s health is "entirely normal" and he didn’t receive medical treatment during a visit to the US this week, Vice President Guy Scott says.
[News24] 26/09/2014

BCF Hosts Independence Open
Botswana Chess Federation (BCF) will host International Open Chess Championships during independence holidays at Legae Academy in Gaborone.  The tournament which is sponsored by Debswana and Kalahari Associates Botswana will feature players from Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa. BCF Public (...)
[The Voice] 26/09/2014

Zambia: Sata's Health is 'Normal', Says VP
[Zambia Reports]Vice President Guy Scott has claimed that the health of President Michael Sata who is attending the United Nations General Assembly in New York is normal.
[AllAfrica] 26/09/2014

Zambia: President Sata Gets Medical Treatment in New York
[VOA]Zambian President Michael Sata has been admitted to a hospital in New York city. Sata was in New York for the annual gathering of world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly, where he was scheduled to speak Wednesday.
[AllAfrica] 26/09/2014 | Zambia's leader treated by doctors in New York | Zambia's leader treated by doctors in New York
Police say Zambia's president Michael Sata was treated in his New York hotel room by doctors during the world leaders' meeting at the UN General Assembly, but was not hospitalised.
[News24] 26/09/2014

MEJN for Border Information Desks on Simplified Trade Regime
The Malawi Economic Justice Network-MEJN has urged Government to set up Trade Information Desks at border posts which would be helping Small Cross-Border Traders with information on the Simplified Trade Regime-STR. According to MEJN, the governments of Zambia and Tanzania have already (...)
[Malawi Voice] 26/09/2014

Zambia: Government size vs. economic growth
2014-09-25 Zambia suffers from a bloated government. A streamlined government structure will cut wastage and is likely to yield huge savings from salaries, special allowances, and utility allowances. That money is needed for (...)
[Pambazuka News] 25/09/2014

Zambia: President Sata Fails to Deliver Speech at UN
[Zambia Reports]President Michael Sata was scheduled to speak before the United Nations General Assembly last night but failed to appear for his slotted speech.
[AllAfrica] 25/09/2014

MISA Zambia Condemns Barring Of Some Media Houses From Covering Opening Of Parliament
MISA Zambia notes with sadness the sudden and retrogressive decision by the government to block some media houses from covering the opening of parliament on Friday 19 September 2014. We want to put it to the attention of the clerk of the National Assembly and her collaborators that parliament (...)
[Malawi Voice] 25/09/2014

Vedanta's Zambia unit halts underground work due to reduced power
Zambia's Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) has suspended underground work at its Nchanga mine due to flooding caused by reduced electricity supply stemming from a dispute with Copperbelt Energy Corp (CEC). Read more ...
[Africa Report] 25/09/2014

Zambia: Fodep Urges Parley to Take Cabinet to Task On Sata's Medical Board
[Zambia Reports]The Foundation for Democratic Process says parliament should take cabinet to account over the constitution of a medical board over the health of President Michael Sata.
[AllAfrica] 23/09/2014

- Zambian government launches code of ethics for journalists
The information minister said the government did not expect the media to have any difficulties in complying with the new code of ethics, as the principles and ideas were already known to media practitioners.
[IFEX] 22/09/2014

Zambia: Rare Tree Faces Exploitation Because of Legal Loophole
[IPS]Rufunsa -Steven Nyambose used to sell charcoal for a living until he discovered that the trees could be more lucrative in another way - through cutting them down and selling the logs to international buyers.
[AllAfrica] 22/09/2014

Africa: AFCON Hosts Named
[Times of Zambia]ZAMBIA yesterday missed out on the opportunity of hosting the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) after the Confederation of Africa Football (CAF) awarded the rights to Cameroon.
[AllAfrica] 21/09/2014

Zambia: The President Needs to Rest, Says Nevers Mumba
[Zambia Reports]Judging by his struggling performance to read a speech at the opening of parliament yesterday, President Michael Sata should rest and focus on his physical recovery, says MMD leader Nevers Mumba.
[AllAfrica] 20/09/2014

Zambia: President Sata Departs for New York
[Zambia Reports]One day after struggling to open parliament and failing to complete his speech, President Michael Sata has departed for New York City.
[AllAfrica] 20/09/2014

Zambia: How Can Dr Kaseba Proudly Giggle At Sata's Frail Frame?
[Zambia Reports]Watching First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba giggling as a frail looking President Michael Sata suffered through his 29 minutes torturous speech performance in parliament raised the question as to how it is that she has allowed her husband to carry on under the weight of (...)
[AllAfrica] 20/09/2014

Zambia: Sata Upbeat
[Times of Zambia]PRESIDENT Michael Sata yesterday officially opened the fourth session of the 11th National Assembly and sounded optimistic of the country registering further positive economic gains in 2015.
[AllAfrica] 20/09/2014

Africa: Nations Bid for 2019, 2021 AFCON Hosting
[CAF]Algeria, Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Guinea and Zambia have all made their final push for considerations to be granted the rights to host and organize the Africa Cup of Nations in 2019 and 2021 with delegations from the five nations making 30 minutes presentations highlighting their proposed (...)
[AllAfrica] 20/09/2014 | I am not dead, says Zambia president | I am not dead, says Zambia president
Zambia’s elusive President Michael Sata has made a rare public appearance, opening a new session of parliament and declaring "I am not dead".
[News24] 19/09/2014

Zambia: Sata Fails to Complete Speech
[Zambia Reports]President Michael Sata's much anticipated speech before before parliament today did not go as planned, as the head of state was unable to complete his prepared speech, leaving the premises early.
[AllAfrica] 19/09/2014

Taxation and organized state criminality: The case of Zambia
2014-09-18 The serious allegations of tax fraud made against the publisher of a Zambian newspaper implicate a number of top ranking government officials and institutions, starting with President Michael Sata. These too should be held to account if there is full commitment to fighting corruption (...)
[Pambazuka News] 18/09/2014

Critical notes on the legal system of Zambia
Submission to the legal and Justice Sector Reform Commission in Zambia 2014-09-18 - whole Zambian legal system needs to be revamped. Still deeply rooted in its colonial origins, the (...)
[Pambazuka News] 18/09/2014

Zambia: As Forest Losses Rise, Zambia Plans a Timber Moratorium
[Thomson Reuters Foundation]Lusaka -Zambia's lawmakers are preparing to put a moratorium on the country's timber trade, blaming foreigners for a surge in illegal logging and timber exports, experts say.
[AllAfrica] 18/09/2014

Zambia: Sata's Son Slaps Official
[Zambia Reports]There was a dramatic scene at State House on Wednesday morning when Lusaka Mayor Mulenga Sata slapped his father's spokesperson George Chellah for unspecified reasons while warning him to watch his back.
[AllAfrica] 18/09/2014

Consumer Rights Bodies Adopt African Dialogue Cross Border Cooperation Principles
Delegates to the 6th African Consumer Protection Dialogue Conference in Lilongwe have adopted the African Dialogue Cross Border Cooperation Principles, initially launched in a Statement of Intent at the 5th African Consumer Protection Dialogue Conference held in Livingstone, Zambia last year (...)
[Malawi Voice] 16/09/2014

Zambia: PF Is Corrupt, Breaking Electoral Rules With Impunity - Hichilema
[Zambia Reports]United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema says the Patriotic Front is a corrupt regime which is very difficult to deal with.
[AllAfrica] 15/09/2014

Zambia: Ministers Wasting Tax Payers During By-Elections - Fodep
[Zambia Reports]The Foundation for Democratic Process, FODEP, says the heavy presence of ministers during by-elections is a cost on government productivity.
[AllAfrica] 14/09/2014

Zambia: 'Inject New Blood in Chipolopolo'
[Times of Zambia]OVER dependence on players that brought glory being crowned Africa Cup of Nations Champions in 2012 is proving too costly to the future and aspiration of developing our football in Zambia to an acceptable level.
[AllAfrica] 14/09/2014

Uganda/Zambia: FAZ Dares Uganda Over Players' Age
[Times of Zambia]THE Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has dared the Ugandan Football authorities to conduct Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) tests on the Zambian players to verify the players age.
[AllAfrica] 14/09/2014

Zambia: Electronic System - Way to Vote
[Times of Zambia]THERE has been debate surrounding the Electoral Commission of Zambia's (ECZ) decision to introduce a new system under which election results
[AllAfrica] 14/09/2014 : : all news from Africa. Africa news & newspapers online
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