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Zambia: Inflation Rises 0.1 Percent
[Times of Zambia]ZAMBIA's annual inflation rate for July has gone up by 0.1 per cent to eight per cent from 7.9 per cent recorded in June 2014.
[AllAfrica] 01/08/2014

Facebook launches new App in Zambia
Facebook has launched a new mobile app that allows users in Zambia to gain free access to a handful of online services on their mobile devices. The app is intended to boost Internet usage in underdeveloped countries. According to the company, over 85% of the world’s population lives in areas (...)
[IT News Africa] 31/07/2014

KLM to stop flights to Harare
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will stop flights to Harare and Lusaka from the 28th of October, two years after the resumption of flights to Zimbabwe. The international airline, which resumed Zimbabwe flights in 2012 after a 13 year break, has once again announced the discontinuation of flights to (...)
[The Zimbabwe Guardian] 31/07/2014

Zambia’s roofing king wants expansion
African Start-Up meets Damian Chanda -- the founder of Lusaka-based DT Roofing.
[USAfricaonline] 31/07/2014

Zambia: Guy Scott Volunteers Some Details On Sata's Health in Mangango
[Zambia Reports]Vice President Guy Scott has arrived in Mangango Constituency for campaigns and was after a long time without persuasion able to volunteer to talk about the health of President Michael Sata.
[AllAfrica] 30/07/2014

Zambia: Sata Makes Surprise Public Appearance
[Zambia Reports]After having scheduled and then cancelled three different swearing in ceremonies to appoint Zambia's Attorney General and Solicitor General, today President Michael Sata finally appeared to officiate the event.
[AllAfrica] 30/07/2014

Zambia: Citizens Await Sata's Appearance in Mangango - Saunders
[Zambia Reports]As campaigns heighten for the August 19th Mangango parliamentary by-election, Political Activist Dante Saunders says observers are waiting anxiously to see President Michael Sata in person during campaigns in the Western (...)
[AllAfrica] 30/07/2014

Zambia: Zambia Makes Progress in the Prevention of HIV Transmission From Mother to Child
[IPS]Lusaka -Chisha Mutale reports from Lusaka that substantial progress has been made against the transmission of HIV from mother to child by the the Zambian government and its cooperating partners.
[AllAfrica] 29/07/2014

Zambia: Sata Sickness Opens Up Can of Worms
[African Arguments]The health of the 77-year old Zambian President Michael Sata currently ranks among the most sensitive of issues in the country and has come to be discussed only in hushed tones. His most recent public appearance and pictures released by his office, intended to stem increasing (...)
[AllAfrica] 28/07/2014

Zambia: Grading Zambia's Presidents - Frederick Chiluba
[Zambia Reports]Titus Frederick Chiluba, President of Zambia 1991-2000
[AllAfrica] 27/07/2014

Zambia: The Trials and Tribulations of a Zambian Spin-Doctor
[African Arguments]I came across Dickson Jere at a lunch I got a late invite to as a replacement for a much better-known journalist. Still, beggars can't be choosers, and I sat next to a man who introduced himself as having 'floated Zambeef.' We've also been stepping up our Zambia coverage of (...)
[AllAfrica] 27/07/2014

Troubled Tazara to get $80m boost
Tanzania and Zambia have agreed to inject $80 million into their loss-making railway company, which is suffering from decades of under-investment.
[East Africa News Post] 26/07/2014

Interactive Alliance advocates creation of call centre association in Nigeria
– Such associations have already been set up in Zambia and Zimbabwe, and plans are underway to set one up in Kenya – LAGOS, Nigeria, July 22, 2014/ — Christopher Bell, Interactive Intelligence’s Channel Manager for Africa (, has recently… Read more (...)
[Africa Herald Express] 24/07/2014

Zambia: Chiefs Back Repeal of 'Degrading' Widow Inheritance Law - Study
[AlertNet]For a widow in Zambia, the death of a husband can often mean the loss of a home, land and other property.
[AllAfrica] 23/07/2014

Fastjet go for more routes despite loss report
FastJet, the budget airline, which reportedly suffered over 80 million US dollars loss last year, will go on with its expansion programme that includes increasing the number of flights on Dar es Salaam to Mwanza, and Dar es Salaam to Lusaka routes. The airline also announced on Tuesday that (...)
[In2EastAfrica] 23/07/2014

Chaynes extends lead in ARC standings
Ivorian Gary Chyanes extended his lead in the Africa Rally Championship (ARC) standings despite finishing second in the 2014 Rwanda Mt. Gorilla Rally which climaxed over the weekend in Kigali. Zambian rally ace Essa Mohammad won the Mt. Gorilla Rally of Rwanda to move within a point of reigning (...)
[In2EastAfrica] 22/07/2014

Zambia: Judiciary, RTSA Ink Fast Track Courts Deal
[Times of Zambia]THE Judiciary and the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to roll out the Fast Track courts for traffic offences countrywide.
[AllAfrica] 21/07/2014

Zambia: Dr Banda Reflects On Kazimu Sata's Accident
[Zambia Reports]UPND Vice President Dr Canisius Banda says the accident of the son to President Michael Sata, Kazimu brings into focus the state of the country's roads and safety record.
[AllAfrica] 19/07/2014

Zambia government 'unaware' of proposal to split Tazara
Zambian official says pronouncement by Tanzania was not what was discussed at recent Tazara Council of Ministers meeting.
[East Africa News Post] 18/07/2014

Zambia: Zambia Opposition Leader Skeptical About President's Health
[VOA]Zambia's government on Monday released photographs showing President Michael Sata chairing a cabinet meeting following opposition criticisms that the administration has been hiding the leader's deteriorating health.
[AllAfrica] 18/07/2014

Zambia: Disabled Needing HIV Services Face Discrimination - Report
[AlertNet]In Zambia, where disability is often considered a punishment inflicted by evil spirits, nearly one million people with disabilities are struggling to access HIV prevention or testing services or treatment, a rights group (...)
[AllAfrica] 16/07/2014 | Zambian leader Sata 'not critically ill' | Zambian leader Sata 'not critically ill'
Zambia has released photographs of President Michael Sata chairing a cabinet meeting this week, allaying speculation that the 77-year-old leader is critically ill.
[News24] 16/07/2014

Zambia: Deaf, and Shut Out from HIV Information
[HRW]Faith learned she was HIV positive two years ago, after giving birth to her daughter. The Zambian government prides itself on its HIV prevention outreach, and every pregnant woman is supposed to be tested for the virus, to prevent passing it on to their babies. But Faith, now 25, is deaf, (...)
[AllAfrica] 16/07/2014 | Zambian acquitted for calling Sata 'a potato' | Zambian acquitted for calling Sata 'a potato'
A Zambian opposition leader charged with defamation after comparing the president to a sweet potato has been acquitted after a court found he was merely exercising his right to free speech.
[News24] 15/07/2014

Zambia: Sex Industry Demand for Unsafe Sex Hampers Fight Against HIV
[Key Correspondents]A Zambian sex worker living with HIV says efforts to reduce new HIV infections are being hampered by demand for unprotected sex, which comes at a higher price.
[AllAfrica] 15/07/2014

Zambia: VP Guy Scott Replaced - Report
[Zambia Reports]An unconfirmed source has told Zambia Reports that President Michael Sata has replaced Vice President Guy Scott with Local Government Minister Emmanuel Chenda.
[AllAfrica] 14/07/2014

Zambia: Changala Will Resubmit Sata Medical Board Application
[Zambia Reports]Civil Rights activist Brebner Changala says he will resubmit his writ of mandamus for judicial review to seek relief on the decision or indecision by Cabinet to consider the question of the physical and mental capacity of President Michael (...)
[AllAfrica] 14/07/2014

Zambia: CEC Liquid Telecom appoints new MD
Liquid Telecom and Copperbelt Energy Corporation have revealed the appointment of Andrew Kapula as managing director of CEC Liquid Telecom in Zambia. CEC Liquid Telecom Zambia is said to be growing rapidly by the company, and Mr Kapula will direct the company’s continued expansion of its fibre (...)
[IT News Africa] 14/07/2014

Africa: How a Million Migrants Are Building a New Empire in Africa'
[African Arguments]When, midway through the American journalist Howard French's new book, a Zambian politician tells him dejectedly that "we are not a poor people but we have crowned ourselves with poverty," the phrase resonates with the experience of many countries is modern-day (...)
[AllAfrica] 14/07/2014

Zambia: Two Ex-Fra Officials Nabbed
[Times of Zambia]THE Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) in Mansa has arrested two former Food Reserve Agency (FRA) employees for corrupt practices involving more than K7,000.
[AllAfrica] 14/07/2014

Zambia: Kaloko's Pregnant 10-Yr-Old Relocated
[Times of Zambia]THE Ndola District Child Protection Committee has relocated the 10-year-old pregnant girl from Kaloko Township to a secure and conducive institution of care to protect her from the unnecessary attention she has (...)
[AllAfrica] 14/07/2014

Southern Africa: Single Visa System Gets Major Boost
[Zimbabwe Standard]The World Bank has availed US$700 000 towards the creation of a single visa system among Sadc member states, with Zimbabwe and Zambia set to host the pilot project.
[AllAfrica] 13/07/2014

Zambia: Changala's Application for Sata's Medical Board Dismissed
[Zambia Reports]Lusaka High Court judge Isaac Chali has dismissed civil rights activist Brebnar Changala's application for a writ of mandamus to compel Cabinet to set up a medical board and ascertain President Michael Sata's health as (...)
[AllAfrica] 12/07/2014

Zambia: Court Dismisses Bid to Probe Sata's Health
[Times of Zambia]THE Lusaka High Court has refused to grant leave for judicial review to Civil Rights activist Brebner Changala in the matter he is asking the court to constitute a medical board to examine the health of President Michael (...)
[AllAfrica] 12/07/2014 | Zambia Parly concerned over Sata's health | Zambia Parly concerned over Sata's health
The health of Zambian President Michael Sata has come under scrutiny in parliament, with opposition lawmakers requesting a meeting with the ailing leader, who has not been seen in public for three weeks.
[News24] 11/07/2014

Zambia: Opposition Awaiting Outcome of President Sata Health Court Case
[RFI]A Zambian court is examining a request to have doctors assess the health of Zambian President Michael Sata. There has been increasing speculation about the 77-year-old's health and treatment he reportedly received in Israel. RFI spoke to Nevers Mumba, president of the opposition Movement (...)
[AllAfrica] 11/07/2014

Zambia: Sata in Seclusion At State House - Report
[Zambia Reports]The tension at State House is turning to alarm as President Michael Sata continues to be caged away from even State House staff, a report availed to Zambia Reports can reveal.
[AllAfrica] 11/07/2014

Zambia: Singer Petersen Defends 'Porn Star' Singer Bobby East
[Zambia Reports]Singer Petersen Mukubesa Mundia has come to the defence of his fellow artise Bobby East from the XYZ crew for featuring in a rather boring and uninspiring 12-minute porn video that has gone viral.
[AllAfrica] 11/07/2014

Dreaming of a golden era
Can we do more to better Zambia? 2014-07-10 In a few months, Zambia will turn 50. A sober assessment of how the country has fared since independence would show that some notable progress has been achieved. But serious challenges still persist. Zambia now needs new blood, new formulae and new (...)
[Pambazuka News] 10/07/2014

Zambia: Ruling Party Warned After Secrecy Over President's Health
[Zambia Reports]Patriotic Front (PF) committee member in Kaposhi area of Chongwe district Gibson Mwangilwa has warned that the ruling party was jeopardising its own future for being secretive over Michael Sata's health and his absence from the (...)
[AllAfrica] 10/07/2014 : : all news from Africa. Africa news & newspapers online
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